Sep 21

Windows Server 2012 – Expanding VHD Disk

We have seen that there are some great new changes that come along with Windows Server 2012 from Live Migration to better DR strategies with Replicas.  Some smaller details that could be taken lightly to some, but play a better role for others is the new changes that come along with VHD’s.  There are new options with VHDs and even a brand new format that brings many new features to the table.

A question that comes to mind if you have ever scaled out a VM and needed to upgrade to a new OS or just add more space is wondering how do I do that and is it possible?

With Hyper-V this is absolutely possible.  Whether it’s a Fixed or Dynamically Expanding disk, this is possible the steps on how to perform this is below:

Navigate to your Hyper-V manager and select Edit Disk


The second step is to find where that VHD or now VHDX file is located.

You get presented with the option to now convert your VHD to a new VHDX format or Expand.  Choose Expand.

Select your new size of your VHD or VHDX file and hit Next.


The last step is a summary page and click Finish to begin the process.

Depending on the disk size increase will depend on how long your time will take to expand.  This is extremely helpful to have this when you need a few extra GB to complete a software install or get more space for data for your Virtual Machine.

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